A window of opportunity

What do you make of this virus situation from an energetic / metaphysical perspective? I was put on the spot a bit with this question whilst cueing outside the organic veg shop. My mind was firmly on which vegs to get and whether to indulge in some dark chocolate. But an answer did come to me and I will share it with you here.

Whether the virus causing Covid19 was manmade and released through carelessness or whether it crossed to humans from wild animals sold on a market, both options come down to the same thing: the current human disconnect from the ways of nature.

The immediate consequences of the virus are that it forced us all to stop in our tracks and to step back into our own spaces, for the benefit of all. Not only externally but also internally. Our external isolation cannot help but also draw us into our internal spaces. The length of time this isolation lasts and the restrictions it brings, in combination with the heartache, devastation and inevitable changes this situation forces upon us mean that sooner or later we will have to take our heads out of the sand. What are we doing and why and who for? What really matters?
When something as small as a virus makes the world as we know it come tumbling down like a house of cards and rubs our mortality in our faces, fear is an understandable reaction.

But fear can be our ally, when we face it, when we look it in the eye and acknowledge: Yes, I am afraid. Afraid to die because I have not lived enough yet, because I have children, because I still want to see and do so much. Afraid to lose loved ones. Afraid to lose my livelihood, afraid to lose all those things that made me feel secure and made me who I thought I was. If all that falls away, who am I? What is my life about? What do I do, how can I live?

Despite its devastating effects, the virus also points at the solution: The ceasing of our activities in the lockdowns shows the massive impact we have on this planet. It tells us: Re-connect with what is around you. Not for your own gain, but from an understanding that this new situation makes so obvious: We are all interconnected.

I believe it is time for us to fully explore and embrace our true human nature, to believe in ourselves again as the amazing multidimensional beings we are, to embrace our generous spirits that shine so brightly in all the daily acts of kindness and when faced with great adversity; to choose compassionate, wise leaders who rule with wisdom instead of fear, who seek to unite instead of divide; To connect from our heart to our neighbours, our environment, the animals, the plants, all living creatures; to be a nourishing, participating part of the web of life again.

There is a window of opportunity here, a call for a re-evaluation of who we are as human beings and the role we play on this planet. A big change for the better can be ours. But it is a collective choice, not a guarantee. Will we rise to it? Will we change? It is up to each one of us, the choices we make, the leaders we choose, the things we close our eyes to and the things we allow. Time will tell.

The Stone Circle

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