Crystal & Sound Medicine

To truly heal often involves waking up to our ‘wild side’, reconnecting with our true nature and finding the courage to make the changes we need to follow our passion, as I’m sure you’re well aware as a creative and way finder. Often it is enough to work with nature yourself, in your own unique way, but there are also times when you could do with some extra input to negotiate the blocks on your path.

Zen Shiatsu
Working with the intelligence of the body
Crystal and Stone Medicine
Unlocking ancient memories and codes
Sacred Sound
Accessing your soul’s dreams

Over the course of 25+ years, my experience in the healing arts has crystallised in a unique and personal approach, built on a strong foundation of Zen Shiatsu and the Five Elements and characterised by a shamanic, spirit-led, inspirational, down-to-earth style of working.

Imagine this…

It is a beautiful morning and you are walking in a most amazing garden. As you stroll along, you find yourself in front of a rose in full bloom, whose heavenly scent and beauty draw you in, an invitation to come closer. You bow down to greet it, breathing the rich scent deep into your body, opening yourself fully to receive it. Your outbreath carries your heartfelt gratitude and appreciation back to the rose. Your body is fully relaxed, giving of yourself, fully showing yourself. When you walk away, a wave of deepfelt love and connection washes over you, a feeling that poets throughout the ages have tried to capture in words but can merely hint at.

This feeling, this experience, is what I know as the Spirit of Nature. It is what makes itself felt when we open up, when we have the courage and trust to open our hearts to make a deeper felt connection. It is this which we invite to fill the space when we are working together, so your Being can access and accept all the healing it needs at that moment, no more, no less.

Above, you will find a choice of practical ways in which we can work together. Please know that no matter which one you choose, the techniques may be different, but the aim is always the same: To open up to the bigger picture to help you integrate the different aspects of your Being, both within yourself and in connection with the world around you, so you can live more fully in your natural flow.

The Stone Circle

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