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I am so glad you found your way here.

And, as you are here, I guess it is fair to assume that there is something on your mind. A worry, a question, something that has maybe been keeping you awake for a while. A crossroad on your life’s path, asking for a decision, one way or another.

As most people who land here are creative souls who love to do things their own way and walk their own path in life, I know you can think outside the box and have resilience. But sometimes, even when you are positive, creative and a way finder, life in all its beauty and richness can get the better of you.

Leaving you with questions: How can I have more abundance whilst staying true to my values? Do I quit my job and set up my own business? How can I find my tribe? Will I ever find love? How can I get my newly created work out into the world? I feel a call from my soul, but how do I answer it? I feel stuck, how can I get moving again?

The Soul Path Reading
The Crystal Gateway Reading
The Year Ahead Reading

Whatever the situation that is trying to get the better of you at the moment, I believe you have all the answers you need already inside of you. And being the creative, heart-led wonderful being you are, I trust that you will believe this too. But…..

There is no rule that says you have to figure it all out on your own.

Imagine this……..Dappled sunshine lighting your path, soft forest floor underfoot. The scents an earthy mix of river, rocks and gently woken forest floor. A robin sits on a branch looking on with curiosity as you pass, hoping you disturb enough insects and worms to hand it an easy meal.

A crow flies overhead, squawking its suggestion at you. Then a fox appears, seemingly out of nowhere, looking at you as if to get a measure of your wit. The woods are alive with signs and symbols, all waiting to guide you to find your own way, your own answers.

This is the world you step into with the beautiful Wild Wood Tarot, a deck designed to help us live in right relationship with ourselves and all of life around us. The ones that feel called by your quest and want to help you to move forward, present themselves in age-old and unique patterns. Here you meet the Woodward and the Hooded Man, the Swan and the Kingfisher. This is where you are invited to drink from the Waters of Life, swim upstream with the Salmon or play with Otter. Each one takes its place, unlocking the codes and clues that you already hold within yourself.

In this world between worlds, I offer to be your guide and lead you to your allies who are waiting to bring you their wisdom, guidance and healing, who are eager to teach you how to discover within yourself the qualities they bring and how to embody these as only you can.

“I would thoroughly recommend a tarot reading with Ingrid. I found the tarot deck and Ingrid’s style to be grounded, insightful, wise and very helpful. The cards illustrate rich druidic symbols reflecting nature, animals and the elements which resonated with me. Ingrid was able to provide intuitive insights into the cards themselves in collaboration with my own understanding to find the most helpful messages and meanings for me. The pictures and messages have stayed with me following the read and I continue to reflect on their meanings and archetypes to help me to achieve more abundance. Ingrid herself is a calm empowering presence and fluently evokes a sense of trust, safety and wisdom. Without a doubt, book a reading. I promise you won’t be disappointed!”

~ Vanessa, West Wales

Celebrating diversity: a magical library of cards for you to choose from

But what if wandering the Wild Wood is not the key to unlock your own wisdom? Don’t switch off yet….. there is a whole library of both tarot decks and oracle card decks for you to choose from, with beautiful artwork depicting people of all races, backgrounds and gender.

Examples are Chris Anne’s Light Seers Tarot, the go-to deck for questions where it is helpful to look deeper into the various shades of dark and light within a situation. Rebecca Campbell’s Rose Oracle is perfect when you feel more at home in a beautiful rose garden and wish to connect with ancient mysteries. And when you specifically want to look at how you can work your light in the world, her Work Your Light Oracle is a great choice.

Some of the decks completely replace people with our kin of fur, feather and spirit, speaking directly to us through the shared origin we have with all of life. In the exquisite artwork of the Guardian of the Night tarot by MJ Cullinane animals are your guide to help you see how you can overcome sabotaging yourself. For those of you who wish to journey to the realm of angels and nature spirits for inspiration and guidance, there are Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot and Brian Froud’s delightful Fairies Oracle.

As you can see, each set of cards has its own unique approach and appeal. The choice is all yours.

Ingrid is a great guide…

Using her intuition, her deep understanding and a selection of beautiful Tarot decks she not only helped me answer my own questions but took me on a far deeper exploration than I anticipated. She’s very gentle in her approach but also clear and courageous with her wisdom. I felt understood, as well as held, while she helped me see the bigger picture, the most powerful solution and a brighter end result.”

~ Francesca Cassini, Founder of The Silver Tent

If your sceptical mind tells you that card readings are ‘just fortune-telling’, tell it to think again.

Yes, the cards can give insights into a potential future, based on your current situation and any action you may or may not take. However, and this is important, the outcome of a reading is not set in stone. You have free will and choice of action and are an active participant in creating your future, not a mere victim of fate.

When we work together, the cards are the focal point for a conversation between you and your wisdom keepers. My role is that of listening, real deep listening, both to you and your allies in the Other World, allowing them to convey their messages to you through the cards. This, together with the intuitive information that comes forward for you through the beautiful imagery of the cards, creates a space in which you can bypass the logical mind and unlock the knowledge and wisdom you hold deep within you.

It was a delightful hour with Ingrid and I heartily recommend her tarot reading. Ingrid has a great capacity to hold a strong gentle receptive and therapeutic space which allowed me to initially explore each card with my own intuitive investigation. Her tender temperament kindly guided me into some challenging material, elucidating further interpretation.

The reading is still working as I journey on. After the reading it was very revealing to watch my relationship with each card and the whole reading, allowing the images to reveal their gifts in the interplay of life activities. She of the Stones is a great blessing. Many blessings Ingrid.

~ Claire Morales, West Wales

So come, there is a place here for you where you can rest, where you can dive deeper, beyond the logical mind into the depth of your heart and soul. I invite you to let me lead you to the places beyond your blind spots, to the places where your questions can become answers and action steps to take you forward on your soul’s journey.

Here are more kind words from people I worked with:

“I recently had a tarot reading with Ingrid. As the seven-card reading unfolded, (with a final eighth card for clarity), I recognised my familiar patterns; but then came the gifts as I began to see my life as if through a crystal lens of clarity. As Ingrid allowed her intuition to guide her reading, an interesting dynamic was unfolded, and an unexpected possible direction revealed itself. Now a week later, I am still turning over the images … the reading is cooking in my awareness as a sort of alchemy. A tarot reading like this can be truly helpful. If you are seeking greater self-understanding I recommend a reading with this talented lady.”

~ Kiara

“Ingrid’s presence during the session was both grounding and light, a gentle hand in my back, supporting and guiding me all along. What I am left with from her reading is a clear map of the next steps to take, I can see the bigger picture too. I am so grateful!”

~ Mia, West Wales

Thank you very much for this beautiful reading. For me it was a healing within a reading, beautiful. I have great appreciation and gratitude for this opportunity.”

~ Nikki Orka, the Netherlands

I cannot thank Ingrid enough for the day. I came into her beautiful home with a very warm welcome from Ingrid. The time I had with her while having a card reading with her beautiful cards was incredible. Now, 4 months later I feel alive again. Each card had an impact…..letting go, forgiveness, courage, strength, love, peace within. My journey since the day I had my card reading has been very positive. I thank you from my heart, Ingrid.

~ Jane Dewhurst, West Wales

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