Under the Oaks

‘Bring them here’, the Oaks said. And so here you are, Under the Oaks, an ancient place of shelter, teaching, rest.

Before you start reading, maybe take a few deeper breaths, imagine yourself comfortable on the soft forest floor, feeling the sturdy body of the Oak supporting your back, see the soft, canopy filtered sunlight dancing around you and open yourself to the Spirit of Oak holding and supporting you, generous as only trees can be.

May these offerings uplift and inspire you and bring you something of merit.

A moment

How to follow your soul’s call, even when you don’t feel like it?

What do you do when your soul is calling you towards adventure but a part of you is not playing along. What do you do? Give in? Play it safe? Try and ignore it and carry on regardless? Or is there another way?


If I was asked to write about delight
On an unusual surface
Linked to what I love

Afon Aeron

Afon Aeron
I greet you every day
In all your many guises

Remember when

Do you remember when
the Earth was quiet still before
machines and the war cries of men
shook sacred silence to its core

It is time to listen.

Not just to words, but also to what is in the silence between the words; not just to each other, but also to those without a human voice.

Crystal Love

His little face looked up at me from his side of the counter. For the last 20 minutes or so he had been walking round the shop, picking up stones, holding them up to assess them for colour, shape, hardness and other deciding factors only known to him.

How do you rise to the challenge, day after day?

Do you recognise this? Sometimes it can all get too much and there are days when it is so tempting to pull the covers over your head and hide from the world if you could.  But somehow, we need to go on, live a life worth living.

A sound way to tend to the autumn blues

Melancholy. Sadness. Restlessness. Do these feelings come visiting you when the leaves start to turn? What if I told you there may be something ancient and magical going on beneath the surface? And that if you knew this, really knew this, you would see these visitors with new eyes?

How to let inspiration flow again

You know these moments when you need inspiration and nothing happens? You are on a deadline, trying to solve a problem or create something new and the harder you try, the more you draw a blank. 

The Stone Circle

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