The Spirit of Nature

An exercise in listening


Did you know it is impossible to listen and think?
Try this next time your mind goes crazy and busy and won’t shut up: Listen! Imagine you hear a bird singing 10 miles away. What happens to your chatterbox inside as you do this?

Exactly! When you listen, intently listen, your chatter stops. “But all I hear is my tinnitus!” Excellent. Listen to that! Your mind will stop all the same. This is the first step in true communication. Listen! Be still, receptive, open to the other, to what is around you. Stop talking, stop trying to figure things out.

In sound work, as any good musician will tell you, the main skill is listening. You constantly listen: To the sounds around you, to the sounds you make, but also to your body and senses as you do it, the feedback it gives you which in turn creates the new sounds. You need to be utterly relaxed, so you can resonate, listen, give and receive. These are the same qualities you need when connecting with the more subtle levels of life, such as in mediumship, as in healing, as in immersing yourself in nature and communicating with plants, crystals, animals, the wind.

The following poem may describe it better. It was given to me in meditation many moons ago, when I first started out on this path, and it has informed me ever since in all my work and my life.


Our Aim

Coming together to find
That which connects us all

The point from which we can draw
lines to others

Through which we can discover
and truly see them

Only to remember
That we are


What I like to call the Spirit of Nature really is as common as muck. It is everywhere. It is so natural, so beautiful, so all-pervasive that it is easy to miss, a bit like the air we breathe. Trying to explain it is like trying to explain what a lemon tastes like. Or explaining what air is or as the saying goes, to ask a fish to explain what water is.

As far as I know it does not want anything. It is generous by nature, unconditional and loving. It is there, patiently waiting for us to consciously connect. Because we are already connected, it simply is impossible not to be. We only have to wake up to it. And as we wake up, we change and nature around us changes. This is how we co-create. Through love, through our heart. Through reconnecting to ourselves on the essential level. Opening our hearts, inviting the Spirit of Nature in and letting it come on its own accord. All we have to do is hold loving space without expectation, without agenda other than wanting to know.

When we learn to look and listen not just with our eyes and ears, but with our whole body, our whole being, we come to know the Mystery. And as we open to it, dwell in it, we recognise it as ourselves and remember who we truly are.  It is then that we can start to heal and work with the Spirit of Nature to co-create heaven on earth.


The Stone Circle

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