The Crystal Gateway Reading

1 card spread, followed by a 4-crystal spread, 1 hour, £45
Option to have a bespoke crystal aura spray made £12.50

As you are walking your soul’s path, there are times when you can find yourself totally stuck and unable to move forward, even if you know exactly where you are headed and how to get there. Often this goes hand in hand with feelings of fear, dread, insecurity, an inability to act or finding yourself living out a detrimental pattern over and over again. These can all be signs that you are standing at a gateway and that something needs to be faced to be able to go through it.

Crystals and stones often show up as support in these initiation moments. They remind us of our connection with the Earth and with the part of us which we share with all of life, allowing for an alignment of body, mind, soul and spirit so you can negotiate the challenge this particular gateway holds for you.

The Crystal Gateway reading consists of two parts.

The first step is to draw a card for you from Michael Eastwood’s beautiful Crystal Oversoul Cards to determine which gateway you are facing. For example, the gateway of trust, of courage, of abundance, of making a quantum leap etc.
Once the gateway is clearly in view, I guide you into choosing 4 crystals: one for your body, one for your mind, one for your soul and one for your spirit. We will then work together to unlock the keys these crystals hold for you.

After the reading you can work with these crystals as your intuition guides you. I have found that having a crystal aura-spray made from these crystals can greatly help to bring their qualities into your subtle layers and gently work through into the physical. Or, alternatively, if you wish to dive deeper quicker, you can book an in-person one-to-one session with me.

All readings are available in person or online via Zoom / Whatsapp Video / Skype.

When you are ready to book, please contact me for payment details and available time slots. Once payment has been received, your booking is confirmed.

The law requires me to tell you that the readings offered here are for entertainment purposes only. Before you book a reading, please read the full disclaimer and a few guidelines on how we can optimise our time together. You can find this here.

The Stone Circle

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