Remember when

Do you remember when
the Earth was quiet still before
machines and the war cries of men
shook sacred silence to its core

Do you remember when
all you heard was the song of birds
animals shuffling and snuffling
or stomping in excited herds

Do you remember when
on silent feet we would glide through
the forest sounding animal calls
skilfully mimicked as if true

Do you remember when
bard’s songs brought the stories of old
lands and ancient souls well captured
in reverence and joyful hold

Do you remember when
the flickering flames were dancing
to the beat of fast feet drumming
the rhythm of Earth entrancing

Do you remember how
memories lay dormant waiting
stirring urging demanding now
stop the noise of greed and hating

Do you remember now
to listen with your ancient ears
to your heart’s silent call to go
forward as back in ancient years

Will you remember?

                                                                                                              – She Of the Stones, 2022 –


The Stone Circle

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