It is time to listen. Our lives (and those of many other living beings we share the Earth with) may well depend on it.

The world is drowning and burning. Billions of people and animals are displaced because of war, civil unrest, floods, bush fires, volcanic eruptions and other big scale events in nature. There is still a worldwide pandemic going on which has made us face the loss of loved ones without being able to be by their side in their moments of pain and death; loss of freedom of movement; loss of livelihoods and fear eroding our very being together if we let it.

Have you switched off yet?

Seen against these big scenarios, it can feel that whatever you do just isn’t enough. I asked myself the other day: “Hey, Ingrid, what are you doing? There are all these big things happening in people’s lives. How is working with crystals and stones and sacred sound going to help?”

I shall be honest with you, I felt like a totally deluded old hippie for a moment…..but that did not last long. I let that inner critic have a rant for a while, because, as you know, you can get some great insights from it. And it did not disappoint.

As a teacher I always learned to wait with giving more detailed information until the student asks the next question. Because that is when you know they are ready. In marketing they teach you to find the key question that your audience is asking and lead them to the answer.


But sometimes, as a way finder, a creative, a leader, you have to pose the questions that are not being asked yet. Even if you don’t have the answer. Because the work is to find the answer together.

That is part of the change. Not following the one who proclaims to have the answer. But to come together and find our way together, gently probing, acknowledging this is new ground for all of us and that we have no choice but to listen and work together or die (to add a bit of drama).

If you have visited the She of the Stones website before you may have come across the question that inspires so much of the work we do together:
How can we, as human beings, come together and change our way of living with ourselves and with all of life around us without resorting to yet another ‘war against…’?

There is one central skill in finding the answer: Listening. It is time to stop shouting, to stop talking over, to stop just chattering away inanely out of fear of silence.  It is about sitting together in silence, listening to the silence. It is listening with our physical bodies and with our non-physical bodies. Deep listening. Not just to words, but also to what is in the silence between the words; not just to each other, but also to those without a human voice. As a fellow sensitive and intuitive, you know exactly what I mean.

How better to learn to listen deeply than with Sacred Sound Voice, either alone or together. In sound work, as any good musician will tell you, the main skill is listening. You constantly listen: To the sounds around you, to the sounds you make, but also to your body and senses as you do it, the feedback it gives you which in turn creates the new sounds. You need to be utterly relaxed, so you can resonate, listen, give and receive.


How better to learn to truly, deeply listen than trying to feel what a stone is trying to say, to go into relationship with a being that is believed to be ‘dead’.


In scientific terms stones are classed as inorganic, which in that world view is the same as being dead. However, in the new science, as many now see it, the consciousness of a stone can be acknowledged. It is just different than ours. The crystal beings are old, very old. They were formed very slowly in the depths of the earth, through transformation by the forces of nature, made from the same elements as we are. They hold the memories of the Earth when the ancients walked here. They help us remember from the depth of our beings, activating the codes held deep within us. (If you think I have gone bonkers, work with me and you will find out for yourself)

And this, dear one, is how crystals and sacred sound can make a difference, can help us to remember our origins and lead us out of the current chaos into a new way of being that is as old as the stars. Do you remember? Do feel the call? Will you answer it?

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With Heart,

The Stone Circle

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