Do you recognise this? Sometimes it can all get too much and there are days when it is so tempting to pull the covers over your head and hide from the world if you could. But somehow, we need to go on, live a life worth living.

The world is burning, flooding, heating up. Lives, both human and non-human, are being claimed in what seems to be well before their time. The Earth is screaming at us: DO SOMETHING! But what? We are trying to deal with a pandemic, loss of livelihoods and essential human connection through touch and community. We are bombarded with bad news, ever increasing rules and confusing regulations. How do we keep going? What do we do?

As sensitive, intuitive people and natural healers, we don’t just work in the day: Our spirit often works hard at night too, in our sleep, traveling to places where help is needed. As a result, we can feel very discombobulated (I so love that word!) when we wake up. It is wise to have a trusted way to get fully back in our bodies at the start of our day so we can function well in our everyday lives. I would love to share a daily ritual with you which helps me to keep going and make heart-based decisions on what to prioritise that day, no matter how tough things can get sometimes.

At the start of my day I light a candle, ground and centre myself, open my heart and read the pledge I made to the Spirit of Nature. I know these words well, not only because I wrote them from my heart but also because I read them every day. To keep them fresh and to keep the heart and soul of it alive, I read each line slowly and feel the meaning behind it. It helps me to stay connected with that part of me that knows why I am here and what matters to me. It helps me to keep perspective and remind me that even the smallest step I take to stay real and connected in my daily life is enough. Here it is, for you.


Pledge to the Spirit of Nature

Wherever I am, be it in nature, in the city, indoors, outdoors, anywhere at all, I remember that the Spirit of Nature is everywhere; that it is She who breathes me and all life. Whenever I feel lost or stressed, I go back to my breath and so re-connect with Her.

I acknowledge the sanctity of all life and pledge to honour this in my thoughts and my actions. I acknowledge that I am a living, breathing part of the Web of Life, not separate from it. I take responsibility for my thoughts and actions, knowing that what happens to life around me happens to me and vice versa.

I do my best to engage in meaningful, reciprocal relationship. When something or someone upsets me, I remember we are all expressions of the One and that from this common ground we can work out our differences. When I make decisions, I choose to consider the well-being of all involved, human and non-human, and not just my own.

I promise to be a guardian and caretaker of the Earth. I honour every being’s uniqueness and the unique journey we all are on. I acknowledge that it is not my responsibility to save the world or others. When I take on the pain of others, I ground and centre myself and offer it to the Light for the Highest Good, knowing that it is not mine to keep.

I trust my intuition and honour my own wisdom, earned through experience. I embrace my sensitivity and intuitive gifts as a strength and offer them in service to the Spirit of Nature and allow her inspiration to work through me and express itself in my own unique way. I promise to look after my body, knowing that it is this that enables me to listen deeply and translate the inspiration into action.

When I realise I am not aligned with these values, I choose to be grateful for the lessons learned and the opportunity presented to deepen my commitment. I also take the actions needed to come back in alignment with the Spirit of Nature as it lives in, through and around me.

I hope that  sharing my pledge to the Spirit of Nature here with you, will help and inspire you when the times are tough. May it land well with you and if it resonates, feel free to use it as you see fit. I would love to hear what keeps you going when times are challenging. What stops you from throwing in the towel? What gets you out of bed in the morning and make an appearance?  It would be great if you would share it here, it may just inspire someone else who reads it…..

The Stone Circle

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