Zen Shiatsu

First session: 1 ¼ hours (includes consultation) £75
Follow up sessions: 1 hour £60

The magic of Zen Shiatsu is that it allows you to relax so deeply that the mind gets out of the way and the body can use its innate intelligence to make the changes it needs to heal and restore balance. This can make it very helpful in addressing blocks to embodying the changes initiated at a soul level, as well as dealing with stress related conditions.

The key to this magic is to give your body a voice through the sense of touch. By intently listening to the feedback your body gives to gentle stretches and massage techniques, grounded and balanced pressure, as well as gentle holding, we work with all that presents itself in each moment. Sometimes you can just switch off and dream, other times your waking attention will be needed as we follow the threads of the story your body is weaving.

As well as working with what presents itself in the moment, we also consider the wider context of your life and your environment, by looking through the lens of the Five Elements, an ancient and time-tested method based on the observation of nature. Each of the Five Elements is assigned its own colour, season, smell, sound, emotion, time of day etc. and they are known to interact in certain patterns. By looking at how these qualities and patterns are reflected in your humanness, we have a beautiful way to look at the connections between all the strands of your life and how they resonate within the larger web of life. In turn, this information can lead to lifestyle and dietary advice to support you in making the changes you wish to see.

Traditionally shiatsu is offered on a futon or comfortable mat on the floor, but I have found that it is equally well received and effective on a massage table. There is no need to undress and you will be most comfortable in loose fitting clothing and in trousers instead of skirts. Please bring a pair of socks if you usually go barefoot. 

“I had 3 sessions with Ingrid when I was feeling extremely exhausted and depleted after a long illness. I straight away felt more grounded and energised after just one session and over the weeks I was seeing her, my energy and general well-being improved dramatically and I was able to re-start my life. I am so grateful to her for helping me out of this tough time and would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help regulating their body and improving their wellbeing.”

~ Esme Freeman, West Wales

All readings are available in person or online via Zoom / Whatsapp Video / Skype.

When you are ready to book, please contact me for payment details and available time slots. Once payment has been received, your booking is confirmed.

The law requires me to tell you that the readings offered here are for entertainment purposes only. Before you book a reading, please read the full disclaimer and a few guidelines on how we can optimise our time together. You can find this here.

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