Sacred Sound Journeys

Sacred Sound Journey, 1 hour, £60

Everything has a voice. All of life, both seen and unseen, speaks and sings in its own, often subtle language. Sacred Sound makes those more subtle vibrations of life audible to human ears as they are translated into sound and rhythm, either through the voice or through instruments or both. I believe that these channelled sounds carry information for healing and re-connection on the deeper levels, bypassing the thinking mind.

When you are snuggled up on your mat with blankets and cushions, ready for a journey into the world of sound, you will be held in safe space and guided into a deep relaxation. The invitation to you is to follow the sounds of my voice and the crystal singing bowls into the silence that carries them.

This way of deep listening stills the busy, everyday mind and lets you to sink deeper into your body. As both mind and body deeply relax and become quiet, your heart will have a chance to speak and bring the dreams that are nurtured there closer, planting their seeds in the cells of your resting body, so they can become manifest when the time and conditions are just right.

To book a sound journey for your retreat or event, please contact me for more details and pricing.

“Ingrid has been running sound baths for my events for over a year now and they are always positively received. She has a sensitive and intuitive approach and always pitches it just right to the group’s needs. People often say they feel much more grounded, relaxed and out of their busy heads afterwards. Thank you for sharing your skills with us, Ingrid.”

~ Louise, West Wales

All readings are available in person or online via Zoom / Whatsapp Video / Skype.

When you are ready to book, please contact me for payment details and available time slots. Once payment has been received, your booking is confirmed.

The law requires me to tell you that the readings offered here are for entertainment purposes only. Before you book a reading, please read the full disclaimer and a few guidelines on how we can optimise our time together. You can find this here.

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