Crystal and Stone Medicine

Crystal and Stone Medicine session, 1 hour £60.-
Bespoke Crystal Aura Spray (after working together) £12.50
Bespoke Crystal Remedy (after working together) £12.50

Choosing to let yourself be wrapped in the mystery and magic of crystals and stones can leave you feeling deeply enriched and sustained by the life affirming experience of that connection, which runs deeper than the logical mind can ever know.

Crystal and Stone Beings hold medicine in the shamanic meaning of the word, which means that when approached with respect and gratitude, they can be allies in helping us to awaken within ourselves the same qualities as they hold.

Like you, the Crystal and Stone Beings are so much more than what can be perceived on the outside. Their origins lie in the depths of the Earth, where they were slowly created by incredible forces from exactly the same elements as our bodies are made up of. They transcend time and space as they are holding the memories of the Earth from before the Ancients walked here, neatly stored in their unique crystal patterns.

I believe that your body and subtle senses recognise this and that through resonance you remember your own origins as coded in your DNA. As these codes and memories are activated and embodied in your daily life, you start to remember who you truly are and why you are here. It can open up your potential to make the quantum leap necessary to step into a new way of being – which is really as old as the stars – as you remember you were always meant to be a co-creator and caretaker in the web of life.

The way I invite you to work with the crystal and stone beings is not for everyone. It goes far beyond ‘this stone does that and should be put on that chakra.’ It requires you to go into relationship with them, an active exchange of information in the meeting of two different types of consciousness with a shared origin. The form this takes is unique to each person. It can be working within a crystal grid, the medicine wheel, entering into meditation, working with pressure points, hands-on healing, working with symbols or a combination of some or all of these. But whatever form it takes, it asks for your deep listening, your willingness to give as well as to receive and a sensitivity to the more subtle aspects of life. If this resonates with you, if you feel something inside of you recognising this, you know this is for you.

“Heart-felt thanks to you and your healing work, Ingrid! Your network of connections, across the realms of energy and space, gently held all of me in a safe space while I was ill. The crystal remedy offered a perfect framework for the scattered and lost threads of myself to find their balanced, whole pattern again. I trust, appreciate and value your perception, intuition and loving care of me over the weeks it took for me to feel well again – rooted, grounded and centred.”

~ Linda Winn, Gloucester

All readings are available in person or online via Zoom / Whatsapp Video / Skype.

When you are ready to book, please contact me for payment details and available time slots. Once payment has been received, your booking is confirmed.

The law requires me to tell you that the readings offered here are for entertainment purposes only. Before you book a reading, please read the full disclaimer and a few guidelines on how we can optimise our time together. You can find this here.

The Stone Circle

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