Afon Aeron


I greet you every day

In all your many guises

In full spathe, keep the dog at bay

A trickle winding around the rocks

Inviting summer play


You flow, you meander,

You grow and you wander

Through the woods, the fields, your own

Pace to become water under the bridge

Another hiding place


You make me feel welcome

As you sparkle at my smile

Give a home to my salty tears

In return for crystals, songs and play

You give me poems


You cool my aching feet

Bless my worry frown away

Allow my dog’s thirst to be quenched

Laugh at my trousers drenched to the knees

I waded in too far


You teach me how to trust

Your flow reminds me to rise

And fall as the weather dictates

Your changing faces a reminder

Death is not far from life


Dwi’n caru ti, am byth

Beautiful river Aeron

I thank you in your native’s tongue

As you flow through my everyday life

Diolch yn fawr I chi



C She of the Stones 2023

The Stone Circle

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