Melancholy. Sadness. Restlessness. Do these feelings come visiting you when the leaves start to turn? What if I told you there may be something ancient and magical going on beneath the surface? And that if you knew this, really knew this, you would see these visitors with new eyes?

One of the blessings of living in a rural stetting is the ever-increasing intimacy with the cycles of life. Right now, the leaves on the trees are starting to change colour, mirroring the changing conditions of the land and air in which they stand, rung in by the autumn equinox. It is the time after harvest. The summer crops are in, most of the summer fruits and vegetables have been picked, plucked and pickled, frozen, made into jams and chutneys and stored in the many ways humans have developed over time. Woodstores are being replenished to keep our hearths’ fires burning throughout the cold days of winter.

The autumn wears its own beauty, highlighting what is often hidden in the bright light of summer. The dew on the myriad of emerging cobwebs, the fragility of the changing leaves when the light shines through them and sets their colours alight; the earthy smells of freshly fallen leaves on rich soil; mushrooms popping up in all their weird and wonderful shapes; and on the clear, crisp autumn nights, the stars twinkle just that bit more. Somehow all this beauty can make our often-silenced hearts restless, bring tears to our eyes, which we are quick to mistake for sadness instead of the gentle invitation to open up a bit further to life as it wants to be lived.

Our hearts and bodies recognise that it is the time of letting go, of shedding our leaves of summer and preparing ourselves for the quiet days of deep dreaming that lie ahead. Although human life on on our shores makes it near impossible for many to heed the call to slow down, our hearts and bodies still hold the threads to the natural cycles of life and remind us of what we carry in our bones, passed down through the generations before us, whether we walk our native or our adopted lands.

The ethereal beauty of autumn ups the volume of the dreams our hearts and souls hold for us and the deep longing to bring them to life. As the veil between the worlds thins around Samhain, right in the middle of autumn, we are invited to connect deeper to the unseen worlds, the Other world, to life in its subtle forms, to the Spirit of Nature in all its aspects. We are reminded of death, of the laying down of our physical bodies and carrying on life on the other side of the veil. Loved ones who already made that journey may enter our thoughts and touch on unresolved places.

Autumn is asking us to get ready to receive. It tucks at our sleeves and whispers ever louder: ‘What do you need to let go off, what can be shed and allowed to die so you can create space to return to the depth of your dreaming? Do you have the courage to let go and step into the beckoning darkness of the days ahead, back into the womb that holds your dreams and nurture the seed of renewal? Can you stop running and be still enough to receive?

How can we do this? How can we answer this ancient call to tend to our magic with the demands of everyday life so pressing, so all-consuming for so many of us?

Sacred Sound Voice is one of the most beautiful ways I know to listen deeply and, through the vibrations of our own voice, bring our daily selves into harmony with our heart and soul and so with the Web of Life.  Sound, when created with intent and heart, brings the blessing it carries to and from both sides of the veil. As we sound, we listen and as we listen to the sounds we make, they inspire the new sounds waiting to emerge through us.

I invite you to create a place in your world where you can sit and dream. Doing this sends a signal to your heart and soul that you are honouring and tending to them, that you are committed to weave them into your daily life. It does not have to be a whole room, it can just be a cushion or a chair in a favourite spot, or a sheltered, safe place outdoors. To start, ground yourself, set your positive intent and tune into your heart. Then be still and let the songs emerge from your stillness. As you sound, listen with your ears, your body and your subtle senses and let it move you. Feel its vibrations in your body, in the space around your body and let new sounds emerge as they wish to. It is not about singing or performing or making pretty melodies. It is about giving voice to what wishes to be expressed. Listen without judgement, without getting lost in story. Receive the blessings of your sounds with an open heart and send them out again from an open heart, imbued with your blessings. Then be still for a while……….

If you wish to dive deeper into this practise, Sacred Sound is a key component of the She of the Stones’ new on-line course which is being created right now. It is aimed at intuitively gifted people who wish to put their gifts to work in the world.  You can also join me in person for sacred sound meditations with crystal singing bowls soon. Sign up for ‘the Oaks Monthly’ below and be the first to hear about this and more. You will also receive each new monthly article directly in your inbox.

As always, you are most welcome to share your experiences and thoughts about the above in the comments section below. Always good to hear from you.

With Heart,

The Stone Circle

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